Towards the end of last year, I got in touch with a luxury cat brand who were asking for blog writers to contribute to their website.

Sending off a message to them with my fingers crossed, I was overjoyed when the lovely owner Leili got in touch with me to ask me to submit a piece of test copy.

Thus began the start of a beautiful relationship with the wonderful Supakit store.

Selling gorgeous cat harnesses and collars, I’m excited to deck my own kitties out in their gear.

The Project

After my initial blog post with Supakit, I was asked to give their ‘About Us’ page copy a bit of a makeover.

Telling the wonderful story behind such a gorgeous brand was an absolute treat and I jumped at the chance.

Using a combination of podcasts, interview transcripts, and the information already on the website, I crafted the Supakit story from the very beginning, starting with a missing cat called Lola!

As always, it was an absolute pleasure working with Leili and her team.

(All image credit: Supakit)

What they had to say…

“This is marvellous! We got a bit misty-eyed reading the end.

Thank you for capturing our story so beautifully. We’re both ever so grateful.”

Leili Farzaneh, Founder and CEO

Can I help you too?

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