RiKaSysTemZ® provide exciting fitness classes and easily digestible (pardon the pun!) nutritional information to their customers, with trainers around the UK and further afield.

As someone who actually follows the workouts, I can tell you that they are fantastic. The guys at RiKaSysTemZ® make exercise fun and I actually look forward to my workouts.

Craig and Jordan, who head up the operation, were looking to connect with their online audience in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. They had constructed a landing page which they were going to use but asked for my advice on their copy and layout.

After they filled out my initial ‘Getting to Know You’ form, I gained a deeper understanding of Craig and Jordan’s target market. With this information, I was able to alter the messaging of their landing page, making it more personal to their customers. To help them in the future, I also provided them with hints and tips for their future landing pages so they would be able to get their message across to their audience in a succinct and clear way.

Finally, I constructed copy for their paid Facebook ads, giving them three options to work with. Craig and Jordan were more than happy with the results I sent them and I’m so excited to see where their classes go. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

What they had to say…

“We are a small UK fitness business – sadly we don’t have the luxury of a team of sales and marketing people. 

Most of the time we attempt to put some marketing campaigns together ourselves with varying levels of success.  We decided on this occasion to reach out to somebody whose area of expertise was marketing and we found Allie. 

Allie got to know us and our business and found out what we were trying to achieve with our campaigns. 

A few days later, Allie came back to us with her campaign suggestions, hints and tips, and wording for a landing page we had created and we were blown away. 

We’ve used every suggestion, we’ve even handed them out to our affiliates to use! We can’t recommend Allie enough. She has the perfect balance of being personable and professional which really helps you to work with Allie to complete your campaign.

Craig and Jordan, RikaSysTemz

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