Jason Liosatos Art Classes

Jason Liosatos is an artist and art tutor who lives in Devon, where he owns a gallery on the high street. Recently, his mind had turned to setting up art classes online so he could provide a service to a global audience.

Jason needed support with marketing for his new venture and got in contact with me to help him. After speaking on the phone and exchanging a few emails, I devised a marketing plan for Jason that would help to bring his idea to fruition.

Jason’s artwork speaks for itself – it’s incredible – so I knew we just needed to get it in front of the right people!

I created a WordPress website for him that would showcase his work and direct people to his online classes. Once we had the site up and running, I provided Jason with a social media calendar he could use to engage the audience he already had as well as reaching others – our ideal candidate was people who wanted to find inner peace and happiness through art.

As well as giving him Facebook ad copy that he could use to further market his classes, I wrote up an editorial calendar for Jason to follow to make the most of his new website’s blog section. This will enable him to inject a little more personality into his website, keeping his community interested in his thoughts and tips, as well as helping with that all-important SEO.

I’m excited to see where Jason’s classes lead him – I’m sure with talent such as his, they’ll really take off!

What they had to say…

“I would highly recommend Allie to help you with your business, website, and promotions. Allie has made everything that seemed so hard for me, seem so easy to achieve. She has created a clear, understandable plan to market my new business for me, and taken a giant weight and worry off my shoulders.

Allie is a real breath of fresh air to work with, and not only has Allie helped create my new business, but as a bonus has also helped me relax and dissolve the anxiety I felt around its creation. And most of all, she helped me believe it was possible!

Thanks Allie.”

Jason Liosatos

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