A few months back, I discovered a new freelancing website, Revolancer, set up by a local guy (I love a Welsh business!)

Within a few days of being on the site, I heard from EISA Tea Co – a local ethical tea company who were looking for some email copy for a new campaign.

EISA Tea Co have such an amazing ethos and such a beautiful brand that I was so excited to work with them!

After chatting to one of the co-founders Emily, I got an idea of what the campaign was about and what they were trying to achieve.

The Project

Once I had a good understanding of what it was Emily wanted, I created an email campaign with different options for each stage of the sales funnel.

Copy can be so subjective so I gave a few options for each stage so Emily could pick and choose what she wanted – this also gave her the opportunity to use any copy left over for future campaigns.

Once I’d delivered the work, I got a review right away on Revolancer, which left me smiling! 🙂

What they had to say…

“10/10, love her work – would hire her again!”

Emily Knipe of EISA Tea Co

Can I help you too?

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