Signalong For Babies

When the UK went into lockdown, I was put on furlough from my full-time job. With so much time on my hands, I really wanted to do something that could help somebody else out.

My mam called me up one day and said she had seen a guy talking about a new scheme called Furlonteer on the TV. Furlonteer is all about connecting professionals on furlough with charities in need of support, and they were specifically looking for help with digital marketing.

I signed up and a couple of weeks later, I was paired up with Signalong, the communication charity. Their CEO Tracy got in touch & asked if I would be happy to help with their new project, Signalong for Babies. And of course, I was more than happy!

Signalong for Babies offers sign language classes for parents and babies. The classes help to encourage the bond between parent and baby by giving them ways to communicate before baby can talk. The charity is fantastic and I know that they will help so many new parents with the work they are doing.

The Project

To begin with, I built a social media calendar, email marketing templates and website content that the team could use to let their current members know about Signalong for Babies. I sent these pieces over to the team and received great feedback on the quality of the work I’d produced as well as the quick turnaround time.

So when Signalong were stuck for a website designer, I volunteered to step up to the plate with my basic knowledge of WordPress! I worked with Tracy, Maxine and John to get everything up and running & the team were really pleased with the site I created for them.

I used essential keywords and engaging content to build a user-friendly website. There are sections for parents and trainers in order to accommodate all enquiries the charity may receive. As well as allowing the team to host individual pages for all of their trainers, there is also a ‘Find your nearest class’ functionality to make it easy for parents to get in touch.

I’m so excited for the team as they launch this new venture and wish them all the luck in the world.

“Signalong are launching a new franchise and needed someone with vibrancy to develop a digital marketing campaign.

With just a couple of email exchanges, Alice fully understood our requirements and provided us with a detailed email campaign to promote our products and services.

Alice’s professionalism and bubbly personality were reflected in the campaign, which was exactly what we needed to reach our target audience.

As a direct consequence of the email and social media campaign, traffic and page views to our website have significantly increased, resulting in a rise in demand for our services.

We are so delighted with the results, we have already engaged Alice for our next project.”

Tracy Goode, ceo of signalong

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RiKaSysTemZ® provide exciting fitness classes and easily digestible (pardon the pun!) nutritional information to their customers, with trainers around the UK and further afield.

As someone who actually follows the workouts, I can tell you that they are fantastic. The guys at RiKaSysTemZ® make exercise fun and I actually look forward to my workouts.

Craig and Jordan, who head up the operation, were looking to connect with their online audience in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. They had constructed a landing page which they were going to use but asked for my advice on their copy and layout.

After they filled out my initial ‘Getting to Know You’ form, I gained a deeper understanding of Craig and Jordan’s target market. With this information, I was able to alter the messaging of their landing page, making it more personal to their customers. To help them in the future, I also provided them with hints and tips for their future landing pages so they would be able to get their message across to their audience in a succinct and clear way.

Finally, I constructed copy for their paid Facebook ads, giving them three options to work with. Craig and Jordan were more than happy with the results I sent them and I’m so excited to see where their classes go. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

“We are a small UK fitness business – sadly we don’t have the luxury of a team of sales and marketing people. 

Most of the time we attempt to put some marketing campaigns together ourselves with varying levels of success.  We decided on this occasion to reach out to somebody whose area of expertise was marketing and we found Alice. 

Alice got to know us and our business and found out what we were trying to achieve with our campaigns. 

A few days later, Alice came back to us with her campaign suggestions, hints and tips and wording for a landing page we had created and we were blown away. 

We’ve used every suggestion, we’ve even handed them out to our affiliates to use! We can’t recommend Alice enough. She has the perfect balance of  being personable and professional which really helps you to work with Alice to complete your campaign.

Craig and Jordan, rikasystemz

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Natural Earth Eco Clothing

Louise Ashley’s organic clothing range at Natural Earth Eco Clothing, is full of charming and sophisticated pieces. I love the authentic feel to her brand, which uses natural material to create beautiful garments, handmade in the UK.

Although she had dabbled in using social media, Louise hadn’t had the time to devote to the everyday running of it and needed someone to help her keep up consistent posting across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There were also a few technical difficulties she was having with her Wix website that she needed resolved.

Once she got in touch with me, I was keen to promote Louise’s gorgeous pieces, as they were far too unique to be hidden away.

A social media post I created for Natural Earth Eco Clothing

I devised a social media calendar for her and once approved, put it into action. The calendar didn’t solely use images from Louise’s own site but shared curated content, as well as Louise’s own thoughts on topical situations such as lockdown to really engage with her audience.

Within the first week of implementing these organic posts, Louise’s post reach on Facebook was up 2225% compared to the previous week. We’re now discussing possible options for paid ads to further her reach and get her messages in front of targeted audiences.

What Louise had to say…

“Having been working with Alice, I have been very impressed by the way she is able to get into my business and sort out the things that have been a block for me.

Alice has helped me with tech and social areas. She is very easy to speak with and has always presented me with clear outlines to move forward. Thank you Alice.

Louise ashley

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Jason Liosatos Art Classes

Jason Liosatos is an artist and art tutor who lives in Devon, where he owns a gallery on the high street. Recently, his mind had turned to setting up art classes online so he could provide a service to a global audience.

Jason needed support with marketing for his new venture and got in contact with me to help him. After speaking on the phone and exchanging a few emails, I devised a marketing plan for Jason that would help to bring his idea to fruition.

Jason’s artwork speaks for itself – it’s incredible – so I knew we just needed to get it in front of the right people!

I created a WordPress website for him that would showcase his work and direct people to his online classes. Once we had the site up and running, I provided Jason with a social media calendar he could use to engage the audience he already had as well as reaching others – our ideal candidate was people who wanted to find inner peace and happiness through art.

Snippet of Jason's website
A snippet of Jason’s new website

As well as giving him Facebook ad copy that he could use to further market his classes, I wrote up an editorial calendar for Jason to follow to make the most of his new website’s blog section. This will enable him to inject a little more personality into his website, keeping his community interested in his thoughts and tips, as well as helping with that all important SEO.

I’m excited to see where Jason’s classes lead him – I’m sure with talent such as his, they’ll really take off!

What Jason had to say

“I would highly recommend Alice to help you with your business, website and promotions. Alice has made everything that seemed so hard for me, seem so easy to achieve. She has created a clear, understandable plan to market my new business for me, and taken a giant weight and worry off my shoulders.

Alice is a real breath of fresh air to work with, and not only has Alice helped create my new business, but as a bonus has also helped me relax and dissolve the anxiety I felt around its creation. And most of all, she helped me believe it was possible!

Thanks Alice.”

Jason liosatos

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